Dr. Zafar H. Zaidi
Center for Proteomics

About ZCP


 The word “proteomics” was coined in early 1990s by the Macquarie University PhD candidate, Marc Wilkins and the science itself had its origins in electrophoretic separation technique of the 1970’s and 1980’s. The term is an alternative to the phrase “the protein complement of the genome”. The word “proteome” is now firmly established in mainstream scientific vernacular, and is the key technology in post-genomic era.
Proteomics is the systematic study of the many and diverse properties of proteins in a parallel manner with the aim of providing detailed descriptions of the structure function and control of biological systems in health and disease. Advances in methods and technologies have catalyzed an expansion of the scope of biological studies from the reductionist biochemical analysis of single proteins to proteome-wide measurements. Proteomics and other complementary methods are essential components of the emerging ‘systems biology’ approach that seeks to comprehensively describe biological systems through integration of diverse types of data and, in the future, to ultimately allow computational simulations of complex biological systems. .. Read More..

Our Vision and Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

Dr. Zafar H. Zaidi Center for Proteomics has been established to provide scientists opportunities for collaborative research as well as tools for understanding and diagnosing human diseases using Proteomics technologies

  • Contribute in improving the health/life style of the citizens of Sind, the nation and the world
  • Conduct programs of research/education dedicated to understanding the basis for human health and disease
  • Identify potential molecular targets for the treatment of disease
  • Develop high-throughput assays for early detection of disease and the risk for disease
  • Extent the recent advancements that are currently being supplemented in the area of Proteomics research.


The Proteomics revolution is in full swing in the international biomedical research community as a way to study and ultimately identify the protein molecules that confer health and disease in humans. Dr. Zafar H. Zaidi Center for Proteomics (ZCP) will develop and administer core facilities in Proteomics technologies as a means to facilitate fundamental understanding of disease states, discovery of biomarkers, and translation of these advances to improved clinical diagnostics and population screening. ZCP will work collaboratively with related science departments to achieve synergies and accelerate progress toward these goals.