Dr. Zafar H. Zaidi Center for Proteomics offers degree programs for M. Phil and Ph.D.  The admissions are announced by the University of Karachi. Candidates can get admission in prescribed programs after fulfilling the test and interview requirements. The students are registered according to the procedure of BASR for the M. Phil and Ph. D. programs. The students’ progress is monitored through regular examinations, tutorials, presentations and reports.

Who can apply?

 Students with Masters (16 years of education) from biological sciences including Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Physiology, Genetics, Zoology, Botany, Medical Sciences etc are eligible to apply for M. Phil and Ph. D programs.

Program focus   

M. Phil/Ph. D. programs at Dr. Zafar H. Zaidi Center for Proteomics offer training in protein analysis techniques used in research covering range of areas of study such as structure function relationship, biological properties and activities, bioinformatics and molecular analysis. The programs are designed for students with a background in biological sciences. The programs focus on investigation of proteins samples coming from variety of sources including human samples, animals, microbial and plants. The M. Phil program has particular emphasis on basic training in a range of skills based subjects and provides a professional training for aspiring candidates. The Ph.D. program involves the advance level of research with improving the skills further, addressing the interpreting capabilities and developing an individual as an independent researcher.

Medium of Instruction